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Miss Red (il)

Saturday, 02 Mar 2019

01:30 - 02:30 Tunnel

Born in Haifa City, Israel, of Moroccan/Polish descent, outernational MC/singer Miss Red aka Sharon Stern, seized her opportunity zealously, when she tapped The Bug on the shoulder, and politely asked to grab the mic during the London based dj’s impromptu set, in Jaffa during the summer of 2012. The morning after that show, The Bug aka Kevin Martin, booked a studio immediately in Tel Aviv, and the Red gyal recorded ‘Diss Mi Army’ in her first ever pro-studio session. Subsequently, Stern went on to become a permanent fixture within The Bug’s incendiary live shows, jumping the stage at many prestigious festivals in a short space of time, alongside his regular MCs, Flowdan, Rikodan, Daddy Freddy and Killa P.

She basically learnt her trade, spitting verses in medium sized clubs with oversized sound systems. It was to be the detonation of her self released mixtape ‘Murder’, in December 2015, which really galvanised public/critical attention, as she gleefully jumped beats by, and with the blessings of, Andy Stott, Mumdance, Evian Christ, Mark Pritchard, The Bug et al…

And it was straight after creating such a self assured splash, Miss Red speedily released a sold out 7” on her own d.i.y. Red Label imprint via Boomkat, and the likewise instantly sold out ‘Lock off the dance’ 12” follow up, on the consistently impressive Sounds of the Universe label. 2018 marks the year she drops her debut album ‘K.O’, via The Bug’s newly born PRESSURE label, and it has instantly generated incredible press and praise from the get go, via The Observer, Mojo, Uncut, The Quietus etc etc. A fine beginning for the Queen of the futurist dancehall.

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