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2019-2021: We are Europe - Act 2

We Are Europe is embarking on a new 3-year cycle (2019-2021) under the auspices of the Creative Europe programme. Having presented 24 events over the course of the last 3 years, inviting 255 artists and 245 speakers to appear in front of more than a million people in 8 countries, We Are Europe is ready to write a new chapter in its history.

The 8 artistic teams that make up We Are Europe have come together once more, this time to choose its fine selection of 64 personalities from across Europe. The selection of these cultural figures will play a central role in shaping the project’s activities in 2019, in Europe and beyond.

We are 8 European partners

We Are Europe is a unique and innovative cooperation project, aiming to group together and develop synergies between 8 European cultural structures spread throughout the continent, each of which organises both a contemporary music festival and a forum addressing wider issues relating to the evolution and future of culture, particularly in the field of creativity. These 8 tandem festival-forums – vehicles for projects and ideas; major players in the fields of electronic, independent, digital and contemporary culture – are key components of the European cultural scene. They espouse the common values of cultural and social open-mindedness, artistic implacability, an unwavering commitment to youth, innovation and the emergence of new talent, and the mobility of audiences, ideas and artists. They have been working together for 3 years, co-curating and collaborating on the line-ups for festivals and forums, and thereby laying the foundations for a new community of cultural actors in Europe: open and progressive, motivated by the desire to inject our shared journey with fresh meaning, and to defend a positive image of Europe.

For this new 3-year cycle, We Are Europe welcomes a new partner onboard : Unsound and Unsound Discourse, from the Polish city of Krakow.

The 8 partners who will write this next chapter in the We Are Europe story are as follows:

— the c/o pop Festival and c/o pop Convention forum in Cologne, Germany
— the Unsound festival and Unsound Discourse forum in Krakow, Poland
— the Elevate festival and Discourse & Activism forum in Graz, Austria
— the Insomnia Festival and Insomnia Insights forum in Tromsø, Norway
— the Nuits Sonores festival and European Lab Camp forum in Lyon, France
— the Reworks festival and Reworks Agora forum in Thessaloniki, Greece
— the Sónar festival and Sónar+D forum in Barcelona, Spain
— the TodaysArt festival and TodaysArt Context forum in The Hague, Netherlands


They are 2019’s 64 faces

Aaju Peter ()
Agnieszka Wiśniewska (Poland)
Albert Barqué-Duran (Germany)
Anna vs. June (Greece)
Bendik Giske (Greece)
Bjarki (Iceland)
Bogomir Doringer (Netherlands)
Caterina Barbieri (Italy)
Caterina Di Fazio (Italy)
Claire Tolan (Germany)
Cliff Fluet (Great Britain)
Colin Self Germany)
Daphne Matziarakis (Greece)
Deena Abdelwahed (France)
Despina Trivolis (Greece)
Dorian Concept (Austria)
Efraín Foglia (Spain)
Emilja Skarnulyte (Norway)
Forensic Architecture (United Kingdom)
Grandbrothers (Germany)
Hamil Industries (Spain)
Chania Rani (Greece)
Hauschka (Germany)
Hibotep (Uganda)
Hior Chronicle (Greece)
J-Zbel (France)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits (England)
Jovanka from Wilsdorf (Germany)
Julia Herrnböck (Germany)
Juliana Huxtable (Germany)
Katharina Nocun (Germany)
Koert van Mensvoort (Netherlands)
Lars Holdhus aka TCF (Norway)
Lena Willikens (Germany)
Magdalena Sroka (Poland)
MANS O (Spain)
Máret Anne Sara (Norway)
Mate Galic (Germany)
Mathis Hampel (Austria)
Memo files (United Kingdom)
Miss Red (Germany)
Nazar (Belgium)
Nihiloxica (Uganda-England)
Nu Guinea (Italy)
Gold: the (Ireland)
Pablo Valbuena (France)
Paul Poet (Austria)
Perel (Germany)
Pia Klemp (Germany)
Push 1 Stop (Belgium)
Ratkje & Barruk: Before Joik (NO/SE). Matti Aikio (FI) - Live visualizations
Refik Anadol (Turkey)
Robert Henke (Germany)
Sama' (France)
Shiva Feshareki (England)
Slikback (Poland)
Srecko Horvats (Croatia)
Stratis Vogiatzis (Greece)
Tarik Barri (Germany)
Timothy Morton (England)
Valentinos Tzekas (Greece)
Vanessa Reed (England)

This selection has been realized collectively by the programmers and curators of these 8 major European events, in order to deliver the best of the European cultural scene. They are artists, journalists, designers, researchers... Be inspired as we are by this next generation !

We are Europe’s 2019 Season

Elevate music, arts & political discourse: 27 February—3 March 2019
c/o pop Festival and c/o pop Convention: 1—5 May 2019
Nuits Sonores and European Lab Camp: 28 May—2 June 2019
Sónar and Sónar+D: 18—20 July 2019
Reworks 19—22 September 2019 and Reworks Agora: 15 September 2019
TodaysArt and TodaysArt Context: 20—22 September 2019
Unsound and Unsound Discourse: 6—13 October 2019
Insomnia and Insomnia Insights: 24—26 October 2019

Information about We Are Europe:


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