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SUNDAY, 03/03/2019

18:30: Tonight from 19:30 we gather to enjoy the closing concert of the 2019 Elevate Festival. The "Godfathers of Techno", pioneers of EBM and ancestors of Electropunk DAF will close out the festival together with Lady Lynch at Orpheum.

14:00: To refresh your memory of the penultimate day of the festival, you can check the pictures out here!

10:00: Try to discover the truth one more time with the last day of the Elevate discourse programme! You can choose between two workshops, both starting from 11:00: Wikidata and the Diversity of Knowledge or a Workshop with Nnimmo Bassey! Starting from 13:30 you can stream the knowledge here!

07:00: Elevate yourself on this last day of the festival! Whether you are celebrating with the IILW-collective at Parkhouse or are still asleep, we wish you a wonderful day with Elevate!

SATURDAY, 03/02/2019

22:30: The queen of the futuristic dancehall, Miss Red, and the Kenyan DJ and producer Slikback invite you to Tunnel from 23:00 until the cows come home.

21:00: Starting from 22:00, the experimental stage in the Dungeon is dedicated to minimalist modulations, ecstatic improvisation, and electro-acoustic experiment.

20:00: Acts like Bjarki with his mixture of Sigur Rós and Techno or Paula Temple with her psychedelic dark industrial techno welcome you tonight – the Elevate Club is in its 2nd round and we hope you won't be late for the last tickets at the box office! If you already have your tickets then: see you later, Elevater!

18:00: If you didn't score tickets for tonight's Elevate club at Dom im Berg yet, you better be at the box office at 22:00 to get one of the last remaining tickets! Just like they say: the early birds can dance all night long at the last Elevate Club in 2019!

16:00: Stop by to visit various art installations at Orpheum Extra, if you need a break from all the dancing at the Orpheum-Daytime-Stage

15:30: Find Elevate Day 3 in Pictures here!

14:00: Michael Mayer, DJ, producer, remixer, co-owner of Kompakt-records and headliner of the Red Bull Music Daytime Stage talksabout why people don't dance together anymore and what music, politics and Pamela Anderson have in common.

13:00: Michael Mayer, Jayda G and Dorian Concept are the names of this year's three guarantors for smiling faces on the Orpheum Daytime Stage, which saw its premiere last year. The focus is on music that, as a mediator between the worlds, opens the hearts of all those who enjoy dancing in the afternoon. See you on the dance floor from 14:00 - 23:00!

12:00: If you didn't make it out of bed in time to attend today's discourse programme at Forum Stadtpark, you can watch in on our stream starting at 13:00!

08:00: Good morning to all Elevaters out there! Get ready for the second to last (!) festival day! We hope you had a good night's sleep and are ready to start today's discourse programme at 10:00!

FRIDAY, 03/01/2019

22:45: Timetable Change: Lee Gamble will start the performance of his 3D ambisonic piece tonight at 23:30 (half an hour later than originally announced) – but Shannen SP will make time fly by with her set.

22:30: Starting at 23:00 the Tunnel welcomes, amongst others, the Arabic techno pioneer Deena Abdelwahed & the eclectic Serbian DJ Vladimir Ivkovic. See you on the dancefloor!

21:30: Tonight at 22:00 at Dom im Berg, Elevate Club opens its doors for the befitting kickoff of the "15 years of Hyperdub" festivities, which will take place across the globe throughout 2019.

19:00: Noise rock giants Sunn O))) will be playing the only Austrian show on their "Let There Be Drone" tour tonight. Puce Mary, Robin Fox and Kajkyt will round out the concert spectacle at Orpheum. Doors open at 19:30 - there are still a few tickets available at the box office!

17:00: Hyberdub artist, Rinse FM affiliate and all-around production polyglot Scratcha DVA and guests sit with Lauren Martin of Red Bull Music Academy for an in-depth conversation on his creative career. Stop by at 17:30 at Kunsthaus Graz / Needle.

14:00: Watch the pictures of the second festival day here!

13:00: Liquid Truth is an art project that is leitmotifically dedicated to an ancient way of speaking. There it was said: veritas filia temporis – truth is the daughter of time. In the form of a generative data sculpture that intercepts Twitter hashtags of #fake and #truth in real time, this idea is brought into the hyper-accelerated present.

11:00: Today at noon, the Elevate discourse programme enters its second round. The topics of the day are centred around science, art, technology, fiction, and immersion. As always, our live video stream will get rid of your FOMO with ease.

08:00: Good Morning and welcome to this beautiful third day of Elevate! Today we are getting started early at 10:00 with two workshops: Xenia Ermoshina, Citizen Lab and ISCC postdoc scholar and digital activist, welcomes all disinformation refugees. Alternatively, you can join InterACT in their scenic-theatrical laboratory as part of “Future Games”.

THURSDAY, 02/28/2019

23:00: Pamela Anderson talked, among other things, about her her activism & achievements - watch the clip here!

22:30: Take a look back at yesterday's Elevate opening ceremony with Pamela Anderson & Nnimmo Bassey!

21:30: If you didn't manage to snag tickets for the event at Mausoleum, stop by Forum Stadtpark Cellar for the Dunklekammer & GIK-Special or go to Parkhouse for the Grrrls DJ Crew, both starting at 22:00

19:30: Join the discussion on a hot topic of EU politics: “Fake News and Disinformation Campaigns” and their influence on political education. Four renowned experts will be attending Elevate to discuss this process tonight from 20:00 - 21:30 at Kunsthaus Graz / Space04. If you can’t make it you can watch it as usual on our livestream!

19:00: ORF Steiermark did a report on the opening ceremony yesterday at Orpheum - you can watch it here!

18:00: We hope you already scored tickets for the event at Mausoleum tonight at 19:30 (Peter Broderick / Kelly Moran / Stine Janvin) because the pre-sale is sold out - there are still a few tickets available at the box office so be quick!

16:30: Unfortunately, Ulla Kramar-Schmid had to cancel her participation in the Elevate discourse programme due to illness. Klaus Unterberger (ORF) will represent her today at 17:00 at Forum Stadtpark.

14:00: You can find Elevate Day One in Pictures on our Flickr-Page!

12:00: „The Truth is out there.“ – FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder. The first day of our discourse programme starts today at 14:00 at Forum Stadtpark with a lecture by Peter Strasser about false truths. If you can't make it you can watch it live on our stream!

08:00: Good morning Elevaters! We hope you had a blast at last night's opening ceremony. We will keep you updated on all the happenings of the second festival day right here, so keep it locked!

WEDNESDAY, 02/27/2019

22:00: Pamela has left the building but the party rages on at Orpheum Foyer & Orpheum Extra. Let's celebrate Elevate 19 together!

19:00: You can watch a report from ORF Steiermark about the world premiere of the movie "die Mission der Lifeline" here and they also did a story about Pamela Anderson's visit to Graz!

18:30: See you at Orpheum in one hour - you can still get tickets for the opening ceremony at ntry or at the box office. For those of you who can’t make it, we‘re streaming the whole spectacle live!

08:00: The day has finally arrived: Elevate Festival 2019 launches at 19:30 at Orpheum Graz. If you can’t wait until tonight, visit the festival centre at Forum Stadtpark and get your merch and information. Open from 12:00 - 20:00 every day of the festival. From Thursday onwards, the Elevate discourse programme will be held there as well. 

TUESDAY, 02/26/2019

14:00: Be quick for the presale on Ö-Ticket: tickets can only be bought until 15:00. But don’t worry - you can still get your presale tickets at Dux Records, Blue Tomato, Ntry and at the box office at the festival venues.

08:00: One day to go until Elevate finally kicks off at Orpheum! Here's a timetable for you to map out the five festival days to your liking.

Monday, 02/25/2019

14:00: Don't be upset because Elevate is still two days away - instead, you could go to Schubertkino tonight and set the mood for our discourse programme with the world premiere of the movie "die Mission der Lifeline".

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