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Uncomfortable Truths: What do we know and how do we act?

A scenic-theatrical laboratoy by InterACT as part of "Future Games"

Friday, 01 Mar 2019

10:00 - 14:00 Forum Stadtpark Saloon

How do we deal with the truths of climate change, national and global inequality, etc. in our daily lives and practices?

Given what we know: How radical can and do we want to be in our actions? In which ambivalences and areas of tension do we move and can we - individually and collectively - strengthen and develop ourselves?

We pursue these questions together with tools of participative theatre developed from the tradition of the "theatre of the oppressed". Participative theatre tools are available to all people, they involve the body, the senses and the emotions, they expand the scope of action and open up dialogues and discourses on social and political change in a creative way. And they contribute to collective empowerment.

InterACT, the workshop for theatre and socio-culture, has been working for many years with participative theatre methods on questions of social and ecological transformation.

No previous acting experience is necessary for the workshop. Please bring comfortable clothing.

The InterACT laboratory is headed by Martin Vieregg and Michael Wrentschur.

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