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Elevate Festival x Brian Eno - Music for Elevators

The concept behind the project "Music for Elevators" is to transform the often-overlooked experience of riding an elevator into a sonic journey.

The "Music for Elevators" series launched in 2020 around the Finnish artist Jimi Tenor. Both cabins of the Schlossberg lift are featured with specially created compositions. Since 2020 Jimi Tenor, Brian Eno and Caterina Barbieri contributed to the project.

In the spirit of psychogeographical exploration, Graz-based photographer & videographer Marlon Fink set out to videographically capture Eno's three pieces in heavily structuralistically interwoven experimental vignettes.

This installations are made possible by special funding by Land Stmk., BMKÖS, Stadt Graz Kultur and are part of the We Are Europe project. In cooperation with KIÖR.

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