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"hybrid #1" - Andreas Trobollowitsch, Foto: Gwendal Le Flem

In addition to an advanced music programme and a stimulating discourse programme, this year's festival edition with Elevate Arts also highlights facets of contemporary art creation. Installation and interactive works will be presented in public spaces and at selected locations in the city.

One aspect on the Elevate Arts programme will be on view two weeks before the festival begins. In cooperation with zweintopf, a number of national and international artists have been invited to deal artistically with this year's festival theme "(Unlikely) Alliances". The resulting posters will be attached to historical city boards stretching from Andreas-Hofer-Platz to the Eisernes Tor and Geidorfplatz. The series was realised in cooperation with the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria.

In addition to her performance at the Orpheum, the exceptional Italian artist Caterina Barbieri is also represented in the Elevate Arts programme with "Music for Elevators". Following in the footsteps of Finnish artist Jimi Tenor and ambient music icon Brian Eno, she was entrusted with the task of creating the appropriate sounds for the futuristic-looking lift. "Music for Elevators" will be accessible for one year.

One focus of Elevate Arts 2023 is the work of the Vienna-based artist and composer Andreas Trobollowitsch. He is represented at the festival with three installations. Trobollowitsch's artistic approach is conceptual and site-specific, often also playful and experimental. His compositions and sound installations are often based on self-developed or prepared musical instruments, modified everyday objects or changing aggregate states.

In the Heimatsaal, where the discourse programme will also take place, the Finnish-Austrian media art duo around Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle – KairUs – will be dealing with virulent questions of the digitalised world. Based on scientific facts, they develop artistic works that make us alert and activate our critical consciousness.

Admission to the art and discourse programme is free.

An overview of Elevate Arts 2023 can be found here >> Programme overview

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