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This news ticker provides you with the latest news and updates on the 17th edition of Elevate.



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Sunday, 08.08.2021

19:00: The screening of Jóhann Jóhannsson's latest work "Last and First Men" at 20:30 has been moved from Lesliehof to Next Liberty due to unsettled weather.  Prior to the experimental science fiction film, Jóhannsson's longtime musician colleague Yair Elazar Glotman will tell the story of the making of the film in conversation with Berit Gwendolyn Gilma.

16:30: In one hour we will conclude the Discourse programme at Elevate 2021 with a talk with Brian Eno (via videostream). Host Johnny Bliss from Radio FM4 will talk to the legendary musician, artist and activist about his diverse life's work and current topics.

14:00: The discourse programme starts today at 15:00 with a talk by Nigerian activist Wole Adegbule, who will talk about his form of activism in Africa's most populous country. Among other things, he uses art and music to sensitize people to the climate crisis.

09:00: Today there is one last opportunity to unpack the dancing shoes: ATROPA will be playing at the Parkhouse from 10:00 - 22:00.

Saturday, 07.08.2021

20:00: From 21:00 the club programme at Elevate Festival 2021 starts at Orpheum & Orpheum Extra. Tickets for a night with Mouse on Mars, Nene H, Jessica Ekomane and other national and international acts are still available at the box office. A 2G proof will be checked at the entrance.

13:00: Today we want to invite you to rave in the Volksgarten! Starting at 14:00 local and international DJs and live acts provide club athmosphere - under the open sky. Free admission!

12:00: Sphera Day at the Discourse Programme.

Elevate partners with Sphera, the first decentralized hub for alternative media across Europe, consisting of 10 independent media and creative companies. Sphera's goal is to reinvent the European media space with a new, authentic social media driven narrative consisting of both local and pan-European issues. To this end, the Russian sociologist and activist Xenia Ermoshina, lawyer and net activist Renata Avila from Guatemala, NOYB founder and "Facebook plaintiff" Max Schrems and many guests from all over Europe will be among those discussing topics such as communication technologies, media, investigative journalism and net politics. Join the discussions starting at 13:00 in the festival center at Next Liberty or via Livestream.

Friday, 06.08.2021

18:00: The open-air programme of this year's festival edition starts today at Lendplatz Graz with the FM4 stage. Concerts by Land of Ooo, Culk, Anger and Monsterheart and with a DJ line by the Graz based DJ Uschi Ultra.

17:00: Social movements, authoritarian temptations? The debate around Cancel Culture, Identity Politics and Wokeness seems to have finally arrived in this country in recent months. Is the excitement around the broad field of Identity Politics exaggerated or is this kind of increasing public polarization attacking the principles of freedom of expression and thus also the ideals of an open, pluralistic society and the Enlightenment? The discussion will take place at Next Liberty starting at 18:00.

15:00: The discussion "Club Culture X Culture" starting at 16:00 deals with the question whether it makes any difference at all if what happens in some clubs is given the label "culture"? What does it change, what should change, how do you still maintain the anarchic spirit of many events and communities? Catch the discussion also in the Livestream!

12:00: The discourse programme starts today at Next Liberty at 14:00. As part of the We Are Europe festival cooperation, three festivals are guests at Elevate this year: Sonar from Barcelona, Todaysart from Den Haag and Reworks from Thessaloniki. In a format based primarily on video calls, artists and activists from around the festivals are connected.

Thursday, 05.08.2021

21:00: As in previous years, the feminist DJ collective Grrrls DJ Crew will be playing at the Parkhouse again this year - all night long! Start at 22:00 and free admission! A 2G proof will be checked at the entrance.

19:00: Tonight at 20:00 there will be a special concert experience in Graz Cathedral. Swedish singer and organist Anna von Hausswolffwill present her album "All Thoughts Fly," released in 2020, on the Graz Cathedral organ. Also performing will be Swedish composer and experimental musician Anna W. Horn and Austrian cellist Lukas Lauermann, who has just presented his second solo album "I N".

17:00: Starting at 18:00, the audio installation "I Gong" by musician and artist Gregor Ladenhauf aka Zanshin, set up in the Chinese Pavilion, will be presented. Today's opening will also feature a musical contribution by KŒNIG.

15:30: The film programme at Elevate Festival starts today with "Sisters with Transistors": the film rethinks the history of electronic music. The field, considered to be a male domain, is - finally - illuminated along its female protagonists. 16:30 at Rechbauerkino, tickets are available at the box office.

13:00: Starting today, you can visit the installation "77 Million Paintings" by Brian Eno at Dom im Berg. For the 2021 Elevate Festival, a specific and expansive 3D sound adaptation was developed, incorporating the Dom im Berg's Ambisonic sound system installed in 2019. Get your tickets here!

12:00: This year's discourse programme kicks off at 14:00 with a lecture by Ariadne von Schirach about the festival theme "Momentum". If you can not join us at Next Liberty, you can join in via Livestream.

Wednesday, 04.08.2021

20:00: This year, for the first time, the Elevate opening will take place at the Next Liberty Theatre: Upbeat and (suitable for Covid) celebratory, but also perceptive and with a lot of depth.

08:00: The day has finally arrived: Elevate Festival 2021 launches at 20:00 at the new Festivalcenter at Next Liberty Graz! If you can’t wait until tonight, visit the festival centre and get your merch and information. Open from 12:00 - 20:00 every day of the festival. From Thursday onwards, the Elevate discourse programme will be held there as well.