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Elevate Festival 2024 Liveticker

Welcome on board! This news ticker provides you with the latest news and updates about the 20th festival edition of Elevate.

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The Elevate Festival Liveticker on Telegram keeps you informed around the clock - lineup changes and the latest information await you!


Sunday, 3.3.2024

18:00: As we all know, the best is saved for last: We're really looking forward to seeing art-pop queen Róisín Murphy live. She will be presenting her latest album "Hit Parade" at the Orpheum.

In the Orpheum Extra there will be an installation by ArpAnimalOrchestra dedicated to exploring the noisy-musical quality of fire, as well as impressionistic soundscapes by seventeen eleven.


09:00: Good morning Elevators! Welcome to the last day of the Elevate Festival 2024! I hope you enjoyed yesterday's programme.

Sunday starts comfortably in the Parkhouse with the line-up of Atropa: Goldberg, Attila, Mikey Gee and Ygal Ohayon.

Saturday, 2 March 2024

20:00: The Orpheum and Orpheum Extra will now not only host musical performances, but also visually impressive performances by Maya Shenfeld, Ryoji Ikeda and Memorials, among others.

We will then continue our celebrations in the Dom im Berg and in the tunnel, where we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary together with Hyperdub. The picturesque Schlossberg elevator takes you directly to the Aiola Upstairs. There, we can also expect lively beats with a marvellous view of the city, presented by vie.w.

19:00: Unfortunately we have again to inform you about the cancellation of Saturday's Dom im Berg main act: Due to illness Ellen Allien had to cancel her gig.

We tried our best to find a replacement which was very difficult considering the bad news arrived only today.

We are pleased to announce that mad miran who played a fantastic set at Tunnel yesterday will take the stage at Dom im Berg tonight.

Ticket Update
Limited Tickets are available tonight at the box office at Orpheum and Dom im Berg!

16:00: While the AfD is celebrating highs in the polls in Germany, the FPÖ in Austria, which served as a blueprint for right-wing populism in Europe under Jörg Haider back in the 1990s, is considered the favourite for the upcoming national elections. The panel is dedicated to the continuing rise of populist, nationalist and far-right parties and movements in the West, as well as their potential to corrode democracy. David Broder, Paula Diehl, Itamar Weizman and Nina Schnider will discuss this in 30 minutes.

Watch the livestream here.

Afterwards, there is a decision to be made: either stay in the Heimatsaal, where the film "Breaking Social" will be shown. This film sheds light on the turning points that prompt people to take action and organise themselves, and explores ways to overcome injustice and corruption. Alternatively, you can also go to the Artist Talk with Kode9 - the label boss of Hyperdub - at the Orpheum. Entry to the artist talk is also free!

09:00: Welcome to day 4 of Elevate Festival! The third theme day in the discourse programme deals with fake news, right-wing populism and democratic deficits.

The workshop "Error 404: Reality Not Found - An excursion into the world of false realities and real fakes" with Andre Wolf starts in one hour. Last-minute participants are welcome to join in!

We are now looking forward to the keynote speech by Shalini Randeria. The Indian sociologist and social anthropologist was the first woman and first person from the Global South to be appointed Rector of the "Central European University" in Vienna in 2021.

Further details on today's discourse programme can be found here.

Friday, 1 March 2024


16:00: The net politics evening in the discourse programme starts in half an hour. Tanja Fachathaler, Thomas Lohninger, Adele Siegl will take the stage, with Andreas Zingerle moderating the programme. The film "Entangled Recurrents", focusing on fake news, disinformation, and psychological warfare, will conclude the Discourse Day. As always, admission is free!

Tonight we can expect style-defining producers, post-modern sound universes and UK bass and MENA grooves in the music programme. The top-class programme starts at 20:00 in the Orpheum Extra and at 20:15 in the Orpheum: the two cult figures Hudson Mohawke and DJ Krush will take to the stage, instead of Loraine James, ssolve and Enesi M. will take the stage.

Later, the music programme will switch to Dom im Berg, Tunnel and this year's new venue Aiola Upstairs on Schlossberg. We are looking forward to SHERELLE, CCL b2b Simo Cell and Mad Miran.


09:00: Good morning, dear Elevators! The second day of the discourse programme deals with doomscrolling, artificial intelligence and net politics.
It starts at 10:00 with the workshop "Breaking the Scroll: Media, mental health and democracy" with Hannes Vincent Krause at Heimatsaal. Anyone interested is welcome to join in spontaneously without registering!

At 13:00, Canadian digital economist Nick Srnicek will give a keynote speech on "AI and the Future of Economy". The entire discourse programme is also available as a Livestream.

To get some fresh air in between, we recommend a walk to the Schlossberg lift. The glass cabins of the lift offer a view of the illuminated rock structure during the ride through the Schlossberg - with background music "Music for Elevators" by Dorian Concept.


Thursday, 29 February 2024


17:00: At 19:00, the installation "while..." by Studio Brauneis / Sebastian Brauneis will be opened on the ground floor of the Forum Stadtpark. The exhibition can be visited daily from 1 to 3 March 2024 from 12:00 to 20:00.

At 20:00 we will continue to the Mausoleum, where we will enjoy a special, atmospheric concert evening with Petra Hermanova, ROTOЯ - Sonic Body and Colleen.

Afterwards, the music programme will continue in the Forum Stadtpark Keller, Parkhouse and Kombüse. You can find more information about the line-up here:

Ticket update:

There will still be tickets available at the box office for tonight at the Mausoleum.

Concert tickets for Friday and Saturday at the Orpheum are still available in our ticket shop:

Club tickets and day tickets for Friday and Saturday are sold out.
Tickets for Róisín Murphy at the Orpheum on Sunday are also sold out.


09:00: Good morning Elevators! Did you enjoy yesterday's opening at the Orpheum?

The discourse programme at Elevate opens today in the Heimatsaal of the Volkskundemuseum at 11:00 with a presentation by Lisa und Wilfried Prantner. It's about the connections between fast fashion, online logistics and happiness, which they will explore in more detail in their project "In Search of Fulfilment" in May.

If you can't be there in the Heimatsaal, you can follow this and many other contributions in the discourse programme via Livestream.

The panel discussion will also be broadcast live on Free Radio Helsinki Graz.

You can find more information about the discourse programme here.


Wednesday, 28 February 2024

18:00: LIVESTREAM: The Elevate Mediachannel streams selected events from the #DISCOURSE part of the festival (discussions, panels, lectures) 24/7 and also the opening ceremony today!

Stream now!


09:00: Today is the day! The 20th anniversary edition of the Elevate Festival will open in the large theatre hall of the Graz Orpheum with free admission and a speech by Ukrainian human rights lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oleksandra Matviichuk, as well as a speech by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Denice Bourbon will add a healthy dose of humour to the opening. The lesbian/queer feminist performance artist, stand-up comedian and "Comedy Mother" of the Queer Comedy Club PCCC* will host the event and guide the audience through the evening.

Admission from 19:00. Start 20:00.