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Lisa und Wilfried Prantner (at)

Elisabeth Prantner is a fashion designer and fashion activist. From 1984 to 2022, she worked as an independent fashion designer and creator of performances under the label Lisa D., telling stories in the language of fashion. Since 2011, she has increasingly been an activist and advocate for repair. In her award-winning transformation studio, "Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt" (Until It Falls Off Me), she, along with a team of skilled upcyclers, breathed new life into forgotten pieces, transforming wardrobe remnants into beloved items and extending the lifespan of tens of thousands of clothing items. Through the eponymous association founded in 2017, she continues to work on promoting a self-determined and mindful approach to fashion and textiles in schools and other educational institutions. She also leads projects in public spaces and collaborates with cultural institutions.

Wilfried Prantner is a chef, translator, editor, organizer, ghostwriter, universal dilettante, and collaborator of the fashion designer and activist Lisa D/Elisabeth Prantner. After studying Germanistics, American Studies, and Comparative Literature (without completion), he was active in various cultural institutions in Graz (Forum Stadtpark, steirischer herbst, Camera Austria) and has been working as a freelancer since then.