DJ Redstar

DJ Redstar, a.k.a Bogdanovic, had had no more desire for boring radio programs in 1995, and therefore started a16 year long DJ career by making mix tapes and distributing them amongst his friends. Thanks to enormous inspirations such as DJ Shadow and DJ DSL, he became interested early on in bass heavy and instrumental hip hop and house tracks. He has remained true as of yet to this recipe, surprising his audience with short scratch intervals during deep house sets and house tracks during hip hop sets. Being able to unobtrusively blend the old with the new, the slow tracks with the fast tracks is still a challenge to him, and one that he prefers to follow up his sets with. In doing so, he mostly pays attention to the quality of the tracks in terms of production.

Artist info

Label: Houseverbot, Pirates on Decks
Array: AT
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