00P is one more DJ ingredient in disko404's spicy collective. His passion? Smoky atmospheres of heavy low-bpm sub bass. Beginning in early 2005, 00P started getting into the sound of dubstep. Since then, he plays it loud wherever possible and shares his scientific bass research ...[more]


Bass Clef is the nom de track of Ralph Cumbers. A native of London, Ralph has also spent formative musical years living in Bristol, and now resides in Hackney. After a brief apprenticeship playing bass in various bands, Ralph took off on his own route, staying in to get way out ...[more]


The DJ and producer Bitz has been an essential element on the Graz scene for a number of years. Whether as organizer or musician, his love for deep techno has remained constant over time, indepedent of mainstream influences. He can recently be found more and more frequently ...[more]


Olaf Bender, the man behind the microsound Byetone project, creates his music digitally using sine waves to weave a complex sonic fabric, accented by clicks and effects, taking the listener to an alternate sonic reality, where the rules of the physical world are forgotten.  ...[more]


Freelance media artist from Graz. Active in the areas of sound, video, and photography. Member of SPLITTERWERK, the label for visual arts. Since 1996, active under a number of aliases as DJ and producer of experimental electronic music. Current resident DJ at Sonntags Abstrakt. ...[more]


The name Channel-f most likely rings a bell with die-hard video game freaks. Rightly so – the project of this Viennese newcomer was named after the old school game console from the 70's. In contrast to that, the 2006-founded music project weaves in complex and elaborate beats. ...[more]


Releasing music and print media since 1986, Fringeli moved to London in 1991 and started Praxis the following year. The program was intensification of what the burgeoning hardcore techno and rave scene was offering and pushing things to extremes based on his roots in early ...[more]


Cultivating an uncommon elegance on the fringes of minimal, microhouse and electronica through her Live-, DJ-sets and her productions since 2004, Clara Moto today stands as one of the most interesting new faces of the Austrian electronic scene. She also set with a couple of ...[more]


The most important and consistently underrated space-rock unit of the '70s, Cluster (originally Kluster) was formed by Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler as an improv group that used everything from synthesizers to alarm clocks and kitchen utensils in ...[more]


Cooly G is one of the most original and talked-about producers coming out of the UK House (Funky) scene. Also a semi-pro female footballer, Cooly G describes her sound as having a deep house tribal dubstep vibe. And you can see why - Cooly G's productions exist in their own ...[more]