Martin Lorenz, .mrt was born 1984 in Innsbruck and is now living in Vienna. He was engaged in creative projects ever since. His fields of activity are foto, video, animation, illustration and visuals. He started as a VJ in 2004 and launched his NoFootage live visuals project in ...[more]


Since 2003, luma.launisch has been lighting up the screens of international techno clubs and opera houses. Cinematically captured moments are visually fragmented and newly put together, live: a combination of graphic elements and actual recordings display the commonplace in a ...[more]


As VJ, the universal artist Lorenz Kirnbauer, a.k.a. Orjo, has played events using impressive pd-generated graphic material. In excess of performances at diverse concerts and club nights, Kirnbauer has made appearences as part of many renowned festivals, such as Spring, Elevate, ...[more]


Graphic designers Andreas and Paul Riedmüller have long experimented with various images from both digital and analogue worlds. With their new project Rhythmus 42, the two artists from Graz seek to inspire contemplation through entertainment, without letting slide their ...[more]


Sebastian Neitsch alias sebo.n was born in Hamburg in 1982 and studied Multimedia-Design in Halle and Interface Cultures in Linz. He has been working as lecturer at the university of art Linz, at the HKD Halle and at Santral Istanbul. 2007 he won the Annual Multimedia Award08 ...[more]


With his Sito-glyphs, SitoSun tries to develop futuristic sign-forms. At the live-visual mix to minimal electronics, shady glaring waterfalls of color-spaces rise, abstract worlds of naked neon. His imaginative range goes from basic black and white elements to fragments of vivid ...[more]


woei works in a multi-media area between design, technology, and live visuals. It is above all the conjunction of these three vertices from a generative-interactive design to a new form that stands in the foreground of his practice. The 1983 digital artist, born Woeishi Lean in ...[more]


In the sense of Common Digits, a bridge is constructed between analogue and digital terrains. With pen and game controller, a fusion of the performative and visual takes place in real-time without hitting copy/paste. Whether in a public space or on stage, the light installations ...[more]