"Repariert, was euch kaputt macht!"

monochrom's gala show for crisis- and risk management.

Dom im Berg starting 2000 CET - with Gabriele Michalitsch, Pat Mooney, Amy Goodman and the Elevate-team - more information

music and performances starting approx. 22.00 CET - presented by Falter

Micachu & The Shapes live (Rough Trade Records, Accidental / UK)
Byetone live (raster-noton / DE)
Microthol live (Trust / AT)
Ritornell live (Karaoke Kalk, Wald Entertainment / AT)
Dual (AT)

visuals: ]BANDE[ (Yukon, Fnord) & Marv on Tagtool (AT)

FREE entrance!