Mimu und Richard Eigner

Mimu & Richard Eigner write spook-inducing tracks that ransack your cranium`s music shelves for boxes marked »Indie«, »Minimal Music« and »Electronica«. Richard works mainly as a composer and sound-artist and has contributed to various productions as a session drummer for the likes of Patrick Wolf and Flying Lotus. For Ritornell he provides electronic textures and fine acoustic rhythms, playing his instruments with the use of diverse utensils such as bass bows, sizzle-chains or toilet brushes, that leave you feeling like floating in a dissonant void of naked sound. Mimu is responsible for vocals: wayward phrasings and introspective lyrics, sometimes mumbled, sometimes pointed out clearly, like a salty finger in the wound of ongoing life. Puns and structures. Patterns and norms. Lofty love and wicked war.

Artist info

Label: Wald Entertainment, Karaoke Kalk
Array: AT
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