As in previous years, the Elevate Festival will again put you in touch with fresh new streams and developments in the area of underground music. This year, the spectrum reaches from the multi-instrumental Bass Clef, Detroit`s best hope Omar-S, the eclectic favourite Dave Aju, all the way up to the minimalist sounds of Byetone and the electronic indie-pop designs of Micachu & The Shapes.

At the same time, the Elevate Festival also strives to include local artists, such as The Clonius, Clara Moto, and Simon/off. We can find them live in performance at the festival as well as on the third edition of the Elevate Festival Compilation.

Steve Goodman, better know as Kode9, is deemed the mastermind behind one of the most innovative and visionary labels of the present day - Hyperdub. Alongside a showcasing of his label, he`ll be presenting his book, "Sonic Warfare - Sound, Effect and the Ecology of Fear" at the Elevate Festival.

The Elevate finale on Sunday will feature, alongside a concert by German electronic music pioneer Cluster, an appearance by sound chemist Jon Hopkins, as well as the resurrected British band legends Seefeel. Also to be eagerly awaited on the last day of the festival is the musique concréte expression of Carla Bozulichs Evangelista (in conjunction with chmafu nocords).

Elevate Festival also offers a range of interactive possibilities, in the form of various workshops, discussions, and seminars, which are for the most part being designed and held by current festival artists.


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