Martin Lorenz, .mrt was born 1984 in Innsbruck and is now living in Vienna. He was engaged in creative projects ever since. His fields of activity are foto, video, animation, illustration and visuals. He started as a VJ in 2004 and launched his NoFootage live visuals project in 2006. Since the breakup of the live techno/visuals formation Cjenfourier.mrt he's active as a solo VJ and is working with the labels B.S.E. and refect. Next to live VJing he collaborated with several coreographers to combine dance and visuals.



First price DJ Meisters Tracks and Visuals - VJ/DJ Contest 2009

Winner Flipt II - Austrian Flipbook Festival 2007



Artist info

Label: refect, B.S.E.
Array: AT
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