With his Sito-glyphs, SitoSun tries to develop futuristic sign-forms. At the live-visual mix to minimal electronics, shady glaring waterfalls of color-spaces rise, abstract worlds of naked neon. His imaginative range goes from basic black and white elements to fragments of vivid colours. This mix creates a remarkable overlapping effect that move with total precision to the bpm. Sito was born 1976 in Graz , in 2001 he finished the master of graphic design. Since then he worked for the Viennese based creative studio Ichiban and studied communication, art-history, film and media. As a visual-artist and part of the group K.U.SCH. ( <>), he had exhibitions in Beijing and Nanjing (China) as well as in Roma, Prague, Berlin and Vienna. He also has a passion for making live-visuals for electronic underground music, which he is regularly performing in Vienna and played at European festivals, like Urban Art Forms, Wilsonic, sound:frame, Mapping.


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Label: Mediaapparat, KWAN
Array: AT
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