The Clonious

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred  headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. Think about an irresistible moment when a complex organic-mechanical clone process starts. A clone process which manifests in his very own, cartoonish superhero. The Clonious, heavily engrossed in details and obsessive perfectionism is the protagonist of an offbeat and - above all - fictional concept. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks -music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all. A soulsearcher and vinyl aficionado who wouldn`t mind to know how to smash a breakdance in a jam packed club, usually he ticks out without being asked anyhow though. He proved his qualities as DJ and producer during the Red Bull Music Academy 2007 where he jammed with the likes of Theo Parrish, Tony Allen, Ron Trent, Steve Spacek and Waajeed. In 2009 he got signed to San Francisco based Ubiquity Records releasing his long awaited debut EP "Adroit Adventures" in June. But there is more to come in the near future - watch out for his brandnew liveshow and of course for the debut longplayer "Between the Dots" (this fall on Ubiquity) as well as releases and collabos on his mothership label Affine Records. Ultimately, his fresh and undogmatic approach gives a discreet hint about his young age. And that`s what`s up indeed. To say it with a keeganism (note: Kevin Keegan, former english football legend): Young Clonious, he`s young.


Artist info

Label: affine Records, Ubiquity Records
Array: AT
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