Mind The Gap

 9. - 10. October, Dis-patch Festival, Belgrade, Serbia

21. - 24. October, Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria

Over the years, the region of Middle/SouthEast Europe has become a rich festival arena. Several events, like Unsound (Krakau), Ultrahang (Budapest), De:sonanz (Skopje), Sajeta (Tolmin) and others, are offering a very unique take on contemporary music and related arts programming and activism. Inevitable actors in this group are both Dis-patch and Elevate festivals, who play an important role in their respective communities, offering a strong selection of international music, art and artistic/social discourse and education. What is also common for both events is an affinity for bass-driven music events, as well as an urge to leave its base and boldly tour anywhere in the world, presenting their local talent and teaming up with like-minded partners.

After the massive first part of the ViceVerse Tour of USA by Communikey and Dis-patch festivals in Spring 2010, both Dis-patch and Elevate will be promoting their upcoming events. A logical exchange of showcases emerged, where Atom TM (DE/CL), Sweatshoppe (US) and Elevate residents Feelipa (HR), and Simon/off and Yukon, Fnord & Marv will be visiting Belgrade on October 9th for a special joint showcase, while the extended Dis-patch crew will visit Elevate for a full ViceVerse-style residency, including live performances, DJ sets, VJing, Ableton Live and video workshops, KidsPatch programme, two exhibitions and a presentation of the ViveVerse Tour. The programme will be rounded up by a special Soundscapes event on Sunday October 24th, offering an enjoyable fadeout of the intense Elevate weekend programme. The crew will also be bringing some of the most adventurous street artists from Belgrade to participate in the "Mind the Gap" exhibit produced by Dis-patch, and bomb some murals out around Graz.

The programme will feature WoO, Incredible Bob, Felony Flats, Piece of Shh..., DJ Moodswinger, Sam Campbell, Fuck NewRave, KidsPatch, Kate Lesta, Fat Kid Beny and more. This year, Dis-patch is also presenting showcases at events in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania and The Canary Islands.