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Download: Elevate Festival 2010 Timetable

Presenting an eclectic array of styles, the performing artists at Elevate have one thing in common: the courage to break away from conventions and satisfy their personal need to find their own voice, far removed from the mainstream. That being said, Elevate offers a musical journey away from well-known Best-Of-Sets, challenging both artists and audiences alike. Newcomers like Mount Kimbie, Hudson Mohawke and Toro y Moi perform alongside established stars like Robert Hood, Terre Thaemlitz and Merzbow. In selecting the acts, the focus was set on innovation and the willingness to look beyond one's own backyard.

Artistic horizons can be explored, shared and expanded not only at live-shows but also at workshops on music production, online radio and visual art. The Elevate-Lab offers space for experimentation and transformation, where guests find the opportunity to convert the theoretical input into practical works. For the first time this year, even the youngest guests are invited to explore the fascinating world of electronic music and art within the Kidspatch-Lab, a workshop programme for kids. However, this is only one of the numerous innovations which characterize this year´s Elevate Festival.

For the first time this year a special literary festival will take place: hörgeREDE 10. It represents new literature in combination with music. It's aiming to combine different forms of prosody, texts and noise, where each writer will join a band on stage to create live a performance of soundaesthetic literary composition. Radio FM4´s Fritz Ostermayer, cultural journalist, musician and author, is going to create an aesthetic and anarchistic brew of alphabet soup, together with Hamburg´s avantgarde DJ and Producer Felix Kubin. Further guests, who are up to more experimentations with noise and language are Yoko Tawada, Nik Bärtsch or Melita Jurisic performing in wild union with Krach der Roboter or metalycée.

This year, the festival will also provide a free podcast for download, representing the musical repertoire on a regular basis.

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