hörgeREDE 10 - New Literature and sound art

A festival within the festival – the new literaturepart of the elevate. A cooperation of the agency text&brot, the Elevate Festival and the Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten

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For the first time since the start of the Elevate Festival five years ago year there will be a new focus ahead of the concerts in the "Dom im Berg" and Kulturzentrum Minoriten, trying to destabilize the boundaries between literature and music.

At the gateway of speech-sound, noise architecture and lyric poetry each performance is made up of one author and one musician/band. Together they present an especially composed piece of poetical sound-art, combining text and noise to a mixture of classical song, speech-theatre and acoustical play. In the tradition of the tradition-breakers text-, word- and letter-sound meets analogous and/or synthetic sound-art – a revival of the experimental literature avant-garde.

Performances in the field of tension between absolute consolidation and complete disintegration of lyrical speech will lead the audience on a journey through unknown language-, sound- and rhythm-spheres! On stage are artists who consequently work on the musical translation of literature and reverse, independent of trends of the market and the vogue.

As it was said in the lofty elevated 60s: The poetics of the revolution need a revolution of poetics! No matter at which time! Come and be part of it!

Christian Winkler (curator)


hörgeREDE 10 programme overview

Do, 21.10.10 - 20:00
Fritz Ostermayer (AT) w/ Felix Kubin (DE)

Fr, 22.10.10 - 20:00
Oswald Egger (AT) w/ Christof Dienz (AT)
Yoko Tawada (JP) w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH)
Melita Jurisic (HR) w/ metalycée (AT)

Sa, 23.10.10 - 20:00
elffriede.interdisziplinäre.aufzeichnensysteme (AT) w/ Jörg Piringer (AT)
jopa von und zyprexa (AT) w/ Krach der Roboter (DE)
Lisa Spalt (AT) w/ Otto von Schirach (US)

So, 24.10.10 - 16:00 // kleiner minoritensaal / www.kultum.at
Orsolya Karafiáth (HU) mit Evelin Tóth (HU)
Jörg Albrecht (DE) mit Gerriet K. Sharma (DE)