Thursday, 21.Oct - Elevate Opening

presented by Falter

Walls live (Kompakt / UK)
Over At The Stars live (AT)
M.A.R.S. live (Heya Hifi / AT)
Bernstein (Niesenberger / AT)
visuals: vikkake (lux im alltag / AT)

-> 20.00 CET - Elevate Opening Event
with Mike Bonnano of The Yes Men

-> music and literature starting 22.00 CET
Fritz Ostermayer (AT) w/ Felix Kubin (DE)

Piece of Shh... live (Dis-patch / RS)
DJ Moodswinger (Dis-patch / RS)
B.L.O. (disko404 / AT)
Re-lay semi live (AT)

Friday, 22.Oct

presented by Red Bull Music Academy

Mount Kimbie live (Hotflush / UK)
Jamie xx (Young Turks / UK)
Joy Orbison (Hotflush, Doldrums / UK)
Pursuit Grooves live (Tectonic, What Rules / US)
Felony Flats (Dis-patch / RS)
cheever (spirals first / AT)
visuals: Project MOE (HR)

+ literature programme starting 2000 CET featuring:
Oswald Egger
(AT) w/ Christof Dienz (AT)
Yoko Tawada (JP) w/ Nik Bärtsch (CH)
Melita Jurisic (HR) w/ metalycée (AT)

Claro Intelecto live (Modern Love / UK)
Sandwell District
semi live (feat. Regis & Function / UK)
The Tweakers
live (houseverbot / AT)
Martin Kober
(LandLordBeats / AT)

Emeralds live (Editions Mego, Wagon / US)
Chris Corsano
live (ESP Disk, Ultra Eczema / US)
Oneohtrix Point Never
live (No Fun Productions, Editions Mego / US)
live + Incredible Bob (Dis-patch / RS)
Hella Comet
live (Pumpkin Records / AT)
live (Blattwerk / AT)
visuals: orjo (backlab / AT)

presented by Vice Magazine

Florian Scheibein (Stadtpark Musik, Pratersauna / AT)
F. Puschmann (houseverbot / AT)

Saturday, 23.Oct

presented by Makava

Robert Hood semi live (M-Plant / US)
Actress live (Werk Discs, Honest Jon's / UK)
Giles Smith (Secretsundaze, Dessous / UK)
Elektro Guzzi live (Macro Recordings / AT)
Mischa (houseverbot / AT)
visuals: Project MOE (HR)

+ literature programme starting at 2000 CET featuring:
elffriede.interdisziplinäre.aufzeichnensysteme (AT) w/ Jörg Piringer (AT)
jopa von und zyprexa (AT) w/ Krach der Roboter (DE)
Lisa Spalt (AT) w/ Otto von Schirach (US)

Altered Natives (Eye4Eye, 3024 / UK)
DJ Spinn
(Ghetto Teknitianz, Sleazetone / US)
Girl Unit
(Night Slugs / UK)
Chrissy Murderbot
(Sleazetone, WIDE / US)
DJ Dizzy & Dorian Pearce are "Physically F!T" (AT)

Rotator live (Peace OFF / FR)
Baconhead live (Acroplane / UK)
Christoph de Babalon live (Cross Fade Enter Tainment, DHR / DE)
DeadFader live (3BY3 / UK)
Istari Lasterfahrer live (Sozialistischer Plattenbau / DE)
Tomoroh Hidari live (Record Label Records, Isolate Records / AT)
Trash Van Traxxx live (Amenorea, Dub Goes Wild / ES)
Dub Coretette (Widerstand, disko404 / AT)

visuals: (CH)
Duodroume (BR)
VJ Pora (BR)

presented by Vice Magazine

Clara Moto (Infiné / AT)
Anna Leiser (Resolut / AT)
Dr. Blake (Resolut / AT)

Sunday, 24.Oct

Soundscapes A/V
(Dis-patch / RS)

Monday, 25.Oct

presented by FM4

starting 20:30
Film Screening:
Oddsac -
A Visual Album by Animal Collective and Danny Perez (2010 / 53min)

Toro y Moi live (Carpark / US)
Hudson Mohawke live (Warp, LuckyMe / UK)
Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles (Comatonse / US)
a thousand fuegos live (Fettkakao / AT)
Wilhelm Show me the Major Label DJs (AT)
Funk Guru (cfsn / HR)
Visuals: Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool (AT)

Merzbow w/ Balázs Pándi on drums (JP/HU)
Otto von Schirach live (Ipecac / US)
Didi Bruckmayr & Sigi Aigner aka MUSSURUNGA live AV (Interzone / AT)
Waikiki Star Destroyer live (AT)
Id live (Wire Globe / AT)
Slobodan Milosevic (God / BA)

presented by Vice Magazine

Armin Schmelz, Simon Riegler & Bernhard Tobola ( / AT)