bAgg*fisH create energetic, psychedelic and poetic acoustic/noise performances, a hyper-concentrated research worker on the instable feedback texture and a sensitive, ever convincing drummer, a duo surfing on high speed virtuosity and perception, triggering a discourse related to Coltrane's Interstellar Space, Jimi Hendrix and today's actual Impro/Noise. Michael Fischer creates sound-speech-noise sculptures shaped by his strictly analog, no-effect, elaborated technique of the feedback_saxophone, based on micro-manipulations of the pads, air-stream irritation and macro-movements adjusting angel/distance to the speakers and reflecting objects coping with the ever diverse sound-reflections of the space, reshaping with parameters such as instant recitation, voice-based modulations, percussive handling. Marcos Baggiani's performance is carried by a commanding, highly communicative lucid-transparent sound. He developed his rhythmical and physical conciousness in numereous collaborations with dancers over the last decade and still is unambiguously connected to parts of an Argentinian sound world as well as the history of european free-improvisation and jazz.


bAgg*fisH (A/NL) 
Michael Fischer, tenor- & (no effect) feedback_saxophone 
Marcos Baggiani, drums & small instruments


Freitag, 24 Okt

20:30 - 21:30


bAgg*fisH (at)