Clara Moto
Clara Moto

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Clara Moto grew up in Graz in a house filled with the instruments her parents had collected. As teenager she practiced on the piano and played records from musicians like Kruder & Dorfmeister’s and De La Soul’s on repeat. She developed a passion for vinyl and became part of a rising local Minimal House scene. In 2006 Clara was selected to attend the RBMA alongside artists like Flying Lotus and Douglas Greed. One year later InFiné released her record “Glove Affair”, a firm-handed, delicious minimal house cut. In 2010 Clara Moto released her first album ‘Polyamour’ that provides ample proof of her allegiance to electronic music. Her affection for the genre comes in many forms and she embraces it in all its diversity and spontaneity. After releasing a handful of records and remixes on various labels she returned in 2013 with an EP for InFiné namely 'Joy Departed'. These 5 tracks are halfway between emotional house and intimate downtempo and shorten the waiting time until November, when her second full-length album ‘Blue Distance' will be released.


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