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Chicago based Traxx is a lover of music, one with a passion that overcomes genre divides. Not content to be labeled as merely a DJ or producer, Traxx is a self-described “artist of sound.” From eclectic and avant-garde tunes to old school jack tracks and far beyond his music appeals to both the enthusiastic clubber and the home listener. Traxx morphs musical compositions into distinctive, highly emotional interpretations — he is, indeed, an innovator, and one who reshapes music into a progressive, forward-thinking document which defies classification and invites analysis and discussion. 

In addition to releasing music for imprints like L.I.E.S., Rong or HHYR, Traxx also started his own label Nation in 2007. This allowed him to develop and recontextualize the various aspects of his sound, drawing in other like-minded producers like D'Marc Cantu, Nancy Fortune or JTC. In 2014 Traxx is not stopping  to deliver his energy to the dancefloor, releasing and producing material to push the jakbeat movement even further!


Freitag, 24 Okt

03:00 - 07:00


Traxx (us)