Cooly G
Cooly G

Cooly Gs’ upcoming second album ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ was just announced to be released via Hyperdub on October 20th.  The press release describes the record as “..highly original take on R’n'B” that draws from reggae sound system culture, U.S. R’n'B, dark synthpop and beyond..”. The south London artist herself says her sound  has a ‘deep house tribal dubstep vibe’ and you can see why – her productions exist in their own hinterland – abstract post-garage beats that slowly shuffle into life, dubbed out, with her own cut up vocal snippets singing painterly half phrases. Cooly G is pushing the envelope as musician, vocalist, DJ and remixer of artists like The Knife, King Midas Sound, Speech Debelle or  Zero 7.


Friday, 24 Oct

23:30 - 00:30

Dom Im Berg

Cooly G (uk)