Macello Basstrojani
Macello Basstrojani

„I don’t care much about music. What I like is sound.“

Or something like that is what his intercourse with musial confessions can be described, loosely based on Dizzy Gillespie. An amalgamof diverse diversifyinggenres, offloteria and self-transgressing „the leopard can change its spots“- lifestyles and dychotomies; say yes and not ogaining distinction! A rascal, who floors himself with a twinkle in his eyes, at least peeringhardatthe groove andthelove on thedancefloorwithoneeye, flirting with the buoyant legs, grinning towards the sunset. Because after down fall comes wipe out.




Thursday, 23 Oct

22:00 - 22:30

Dom Im Berg

Macello Basstrojani (at)