Motor City Drum Ensemble
Motor City Drum Ensemble

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a unique kind of ensemble in that it consists of just one man : Simultaneously retro and futuristic German House pioneer Danilo Plessow . His best known artist moniker ‘MCDE’ is a reference to his home town Stuttgard as well as first love in music the Soul, Jazz and Techno sounds of Detroit. The ʻDrum Ensembleʼ is a link to his collection of classic drum machines, technical backbone of his accomplished and renowned electronic music.

Danilo managed to create his own signature, deep and haunting sound injecting his tracks with an amount of roughness, energy and gritty soul which has become uncommon in times of digital production. With his deep knowledge of electronic music, his open mind and a great ear for melodies, Danilo Plessow now shows off his broad reaching tastes and mixing chops, which made him a mainstay of the contemporary Deep House scence.

As MCDE consequently stays true to his underground roots with a variety of projects, he meanwhile has published on no less than 25 labels  on the most renowned as well as on small, homegrown imprints. For his brand new EP  ʻSend A Prayerʼ he logically chose his distinguished MCDE Recordings imprint, home of the ʻRaw Cutsʼ which he co runs with his close French friend Pablo Valentino, who also releases tracks on the label as ʻCreative Swing Alliance’.


Saturday, 25 Oct

02:00 - 04:00

Dom Im Berg

Motor City Drum Ensemble (de)
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