Tin Man
Tin Man

 Over the last decade Tin Man, born Johannes Auvinen, has explored an ever evolving sound palette that touches on house, techno and ambient.  Most recently the California born producer and live act has been responsible for reinvigorating the acid scene with his unique and cerebral manipulations of real Roland 303s.  “He wields his 303 like a calligrapher's pen … his command of the instrument is such that, in his best tracks, the melodies have such presence, such apparent autonomy of mind, that they sear through the barebones percussion around them to dominate the music's psychic space…” says Rory Gibb in a recent review for The Quietus.

The finest proof of this yet was his slowly unfolding and tender LP, Neo Neo Acid on Absurd: it was his sixth full length to date and was arguably his most coherent and comprehensive work so far.  Current projects include a collaboration with Italian techno talent Donato Dozzy on Acid Test as well as a brand new Tin Man solo album on the same label later in the year!


Thursday, 23 Oct

01:30 - 03:00 - live

Dom Im Berg

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