Torn Hawk
Torn Hawk

Torn Hawk is one of the aliases under which Brooklyn based audio-visual artist Luke Wyatt makes music. Wyatt first gained notice for his visual work, self-described “video mulch” for the likes of Autre Ne Veut, Mi Ami, and Steve Summers. His “Video Party” DVDs for the label Peoples Potential Unlimited and his own 40 minute DVD release Sad Stonewash explored his distinct vision across a longer format. Though he had been making equally arresting sound works for some time, “Tarifa”, his 12″ debut on LIES as Torn Hawk, brought his music to a wider audience. Since then, Wyatt has released an EP as Lossmaker, collaborated with Karen Gwyer, Secret Circuit, and Willie Burns, and released an album of early works under his given name, entitled “Teen Hawk”, which JunoPlus deemed one of the 25 best records of 2013. His next LP 'Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time' was just announced and will be released on Mexican Summer on November 11th. The Torn Hawk live attack features an artisinal tilework of distressed denim beats, behind a foreground of gestural guitar emitting everything from Sawzall-shorn sheetmetal riffs to Gottsching-meets-Verlaine watercolor dapplings and washes.


Thursday, 23 Oct

23:30 - 00:15 - A/V

Dom Im Berg

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