Democracy and civil society, crisis and apocalypse - with topics such as these the Elevate Festival has always striven to analyze current social, economic and ecological developments. But more importantly, its aim is to present alternatives, which can contribute to a better future for everyone.

The emphasis on collective self-empowerment and the firm belief that the creation of a sustainable society depends on every individual, as well as on their collaboration, forms the central leitmotif of Elevate.

10 years of Elevate - 10 years of music, arts and discourse in and around the Schlossberg in Graz.  What have we achieved? Where can we go from here? The discourse programme of the anniversary edition 2014 offers a combination of nostalgia-free retrospection, intelligent analysis of the present and exciting future perspectives.

 Free admission to all talks, discussions, workshops and film screenings!

Dom Im Berg

20:00 - 22:00

Elevate #10 - Opening Show