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Exposing the Invisible
Exposing the Invisible

Exposing the Invisible explores how artists, data journalists, programmers, researchers and activists are able to work together to identify new strands of evidence available in the public sphere. This workshop will look at new frontiers of investigation through focusing on two investigative techniques: visual investigation and sonic investigation. We will work together to explore the do-it-yourself methods to utilize both these techniques.

Exposing the Invisible takes advantage of the flaws that run across the current data landscape. People of interest also have their own digital shadow and this project looks for these traces from information captured in reports, databases, images or soundwaves found in public registries, archives, social media, satellite imagery and metadata, to name a few.


Saturday, 24 Oct

10:00 - 18:00


B├╝rgergasse 5, 8010 Graz

Language of the event: en-de


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