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Convivial Technology
Convivial Technology

Together we go looking for technology that we want for a good life, convivial, livable technology. Every participant can contribute an idea of a device, a machine, or a tool that excites you: one that you are using often, or that perhaps you are just developing, or that you would like to invent. By using the compass for convivial technology, together we can visualize the strengths and weaknesses of the device: What impact does it have on society? How accessible is it for different people? How adaptable is it for your context? What interdependencies will arise between the technology and life (human, animal or plant)? What resources does it use and how much waste does it generate?


Saturday, 24 Oct

10:00 - 13:00

GrĂ¼nes Haus

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 70, 8010 Graz

Language of the event: de


Free entry


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