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Samstag, 03 Mär 2018

03:30 - 05:00 Dungeon

Awo Ojiji is the solo project of one half of the long-standing Grazean DJ duo „doze“, who have been fortunate enough to enjoy their musical education and refine their deejaying skills in good company - mingling with the „disko404“ family and their various affiliates.

Over time he gradually immersed himself deeper into the realms of UK dance music - his personal gateway to the universe of dance music as a whole in the mid-2000s. As well as catching up with the history of Chicago and Detroit, he furthermore kept an eye on the broad contemporary musical progression, slowly becoming obsessed with constantly trying to find exciting new music from all over the world. His interest in the music he plays out slowly drifted towards dark, dusty and broken beats, the latter more literal than in a general sense. He aims to create a stream of textures, atmosphere, and rhythm in his sets, topped with a good dose of physical impact, loosely gravitating in the wider sphere of techno, electro, and wave. Never forgetting his love for the obscure and funny, constantly trying to surprise himself and others around. Best served with fog and strobe.

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