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Stormfield (uk)

Samstag, 03 Mär 2018

02:15 - 03:30 Dungeon

DJ since 1995, producer, audio-visual artist and label boss for Combat Recordings.

Main subverter on Combat, Stormfield was schooled in the nascent strains of LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Autechre and the early infections of dark, techy jungle like Photek and Source Direct. A 4-year stint living in Brixton (south London) and it’s colossal dub soundsystems left him with a permanent need for crushing basslines; All of these infleunces have left a permanent impression on his approach towards music ever since, partly leading to the creation of Combat Recordings with ScanOne in 2004 to further the sound. Stormfield runs the label, while regularly DJing & performing live in the UK and abroad. He began merging the visual and audio aspects of Combat and began performing audiovisual sets in 2010, and teaching AV workshops at events like Norberg Festival and Burn the Machine. Apart from his own electro/acid output as Stormfield, he has worked with Monster X on the Fausten album (on Ad Noiseam) and Scald Process (with violinist Liam Noonan and pianist / modular synth performer Eden Grey).

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