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Forum Stadtpark

The Forum Stadtpark is a production and presentation site for contemporary art. Organised as an artists' association, the house stands for an extended concept of art and for interdisciplinary work in the fields of architecture, literature, fine arts, film, photography, media art, fashion, music, theatre, performance and theory.

It is the claim of the house to be a laboratory and platform for many scenes of local, Austrian and international cultural production. The Forum Stadtpark was founded in Graz in 1959 by Othmar Carli, Gustav Zankl, Siegfried Neuburg, Emil Breisach, Günter Waldorf and others. They adapted the empty Graz "Stadtpark-Cafe" for art events. The name Forum Stadtpark therefore refers to both the action group and the place with the address Stadtpark 1.

Address: Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz


The Orpheum, located in the middle of the up-and-coming Graz art and design quarter "Lend", has a very specific flair.
This results from the mixture of the sixties equipment of the foyer with the most current programs from the domestic cabaret and the international pop / rock scene.
Opened in 1899 as a variety theater "Orpheum", it was later cinema, then the Graz "House of Youth". Even today, the Orpheum attracts audiences of all ages. The unique is the in-house program, which is explicitly aimed at a young audience.

Literaturhaus Graz

Quality, diversity, openness and relevance to the present are the guiding principles of the Literaturhaus Graz. Styrian, Austrian, German-speaking and international authors are presented in more than one hundred events per year with more than 10,000 visitors. A special focus is placed on the area of South-Eastern Europe, which is also dictated by the geographical location of the city.

Beyond the format of the classical reading, the Literaturhaus Graz sees itself as a discursive space: talks, lectures, discussions, performances and all current forms of mediation and reflection of literature have their place here.


Pictures + Text (c) Graz Tourismus / Steiermark Tourismus, Stadt Graz Liegenschaftsverwaltung, Forum Stadtpark, Jean François Riemer (Stallbastei), Christoph Krammer (Parkhouse)

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