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Human Nature

It’s time to talk & time to act!

At Elevate there are lots of ways to get inspired, gain knowledge and connect with fellow activists. The entertaining opening show on Wednesday, 04.03.2020 at Orpheum sets the stage for over four days of talks, lectures, film screenings and workshops at Forum Stadtpark - covering a wide range of topics related to the festival theme “Human Nature”. (more about the theme here)

Free entrance to more than 30 events featuring more than 50 international speakers - a unique chance to connect and interact with some of the most relevant writers, activists and scientists in the field. Join the quest for the future of humanity!

Creative Europe projects "We Are Europe" & "Re-Imagine Europe"

In 2020, the pan-European festival cooperation We Are Europe will once again bring major festivals to Elevate in Graz: co-curations with partner festivals from Cologne (c/o pop) and Lyon (European Lab/Nuits Sonores) will enrich the programme and attract additional international attention. Both in the field of music and art as well as in discourse, the partners work together on content and will invite outstanding artists and lecturers to Graz.

Some of the sessions are hosted as part of the Re-Imagine Europe project.

Discourse - Programme Overview

Wednesday, 04 Mar 2020

Thursday, 05 Mar 2020

Friday, 06 Mar 2020

Saturday, 07 Mar 2020

Sunday, 08 Mar 2020

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