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Alternative Sichtweisen vs. Alternative Fakten

Wie können unabhängige Medien über die neuen Klimabewegungen berichten?

Saturday, 07 Mar 2020

The climate justice movement around Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and numerous other groups, which has grown enormously last year, presents alternative media with new and familiar challenges. How can they live up to their claim to support social movements in solidarity without being too uncritical?

Mainstream media in particular show that paternalistic “questioning” analyzes even the smallest plantlets of social awakening to death. Another problem has arisen in particular through social media. Alternative media must distinguish themselves from outlets that publish fabricated facts instead of reporting. As an "alternative", we know that behind all "facts" there are constructs to be problematized, but not all facts are "fake".

What type of reporting is needed to make the fundamental social-ecological tranformations needed possible on a large scale? How can media be strengthened that endeavor to do so?


In cooperation with BAM! - Alliance of alternative media:

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