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Muscle Tomcat Machine (at)

Friday, 01 Mar 2024

20:00 - 23:00Orpheum Extra

"...Musle Tomcat Machine is primarily concerned with creating atmosphere, with painting soundscapes that become more and more intense with every note. In their stories, which oscillate between instrumental and song, the musicians Manfred Engelmayr and David Reumüller traverse a wide variety of tense, mysterious sound environments, ranging from dark to melancholy, which in their very own way develop something strangely attractive, something coming from the depths, which immediately casts a spell over you... " (mica austria, Michael Ternai)

For the first time at Elevate, Muscle Tomcat Machine now presents its program "This Blur" - a multi-hour excursion into the depths of the formation's most hypnotic track to date. While Reumüller and Engelmayr celebrate the foundation of the piece with drums and guitar in an endless loop, musicians more or less closely associated with the band will come on stage and lay their atmospheres over the repetitive composition to develop a new scene or dramaturgy each time.

Wolf Lehmann
Maja Osojnik

Martin Plass