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Róisín Murphy (ie)

Sunday, 03 Mar 2024

21:30 - 23:00Orpheum

The art-pop queen Roisin Murphy is coming to Graz! With her solo project, the former Moloko singer (we remember tracks like "The Time is Now") impresses with her multi-layered musicality and surprising versatility. Murphy, who produces herself, also enjoys working with other producers. In the case of her latest release "Hit Parade", this is none other than DJ Koze. However, the songs are carried by Murphy's voice. Agile, serene and charismatic, it carries us through perfectly balanced, sensitive pop numbers that are impossible to stop listening to. Pittchfork has not shied away from comparisons with Grace Jones and David Bowie, with the Guardian calling the album a masterpiece. 

Murphy will present "Hit Parade" on the final evening at the Orpheum.