Berlin-based Alan Abrahams has earned a lot of attention lately. His albums as Portable for the Background and ~scape imprints have garnered near-universal acclaim for their deft fusion of tribal rhythms and a modern micro-house sensibility. But for his first LP as Bodycode on Spectral Sound, 2006's The Conservation of Electric Charge, Abrahams focused on the more dancefloor-oriented aspects of his style, yielding a gorgeous album born from the belief in an intense musical mind-body connection. Bodycode's mesmerizing percussive arrangements and subtle melodic flourishes create an immediately engaging sound that lingers in the mind long after the club has closed. Alan grew up in post-Apartheid South Africa, where polyrhythmic percussion first entered his bloodstream; he then lived in London, where he started up his own label Süd Electronic in 2002, and Portugal, absorbing the sounds of electronic dance music and releasing tracks via numerous aliases. In 2009, Abrahams resurrected his Bodycode moniker with the full-length Immune, a nuanced, intricately textured album of vocal-laced house tracks cramming in enough rhythmic detail that make one's head spin.



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Label: Spectral Sound, Süd Electronic
Array: AF
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