Showing interest for music from the early age, Despoilah came in touch with music production when his brother, DJ Hecticcc, began spinning and producing Breakcore and Drum'n'bass tracks. He taught him all he knew about production, and a few years after Despoilah was born. Out of frustration and anger in his teenage years, Despoilah created a unique style that combines Metal-Chiptune-Hiphop and breakcore. In 2006 his productions started getting attention. People like Harry Poppins, Matar and Elkhor gave him the inspiration he needed to make the most sickest tracks he could spew out. Until this day Despoilah has played with the greatest artists in the Breakcore world. Despoilah has produced about 100+ tracks that can all be listened to online. He released 2 free net-albums on "Pain and Pleasure" as his solo debut and "Brothers of Sound" as a co-release with his brother DJ Hecticcc. Despoilah also released a split-EP with Ladyscraper.


Artist info

Label: Abused Recordingz, Dramacore
Array: BE
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