Elexx.Ender + Henry Bootz

Two boys from the moonbootz recording collective on a digital DJ trip: in MIDI Sync their machines pulsate between techno and electro. The Graz-based musicians posit their performance as "Double Machine Beat Artistic." Henry Bootz (Gernot Tutner) has been a DJ for ten years and holds a current focus on techno. For three of those years he's produced heavy techno with Gerald Schauder (Kabelton) under the alias Liquid Rotz. Solo, Tutner produces electroid tracks between the straight and the abstract that value clarity and transparency on the same level as experimental distortions. The sets from Elexx.Ender (Alexander Graf) are designed predominantly from atmospheric clouds of sound, kicking drums, and offbeat bass. With the aim to draw goosebumps and dispel monotony, the marching and minimal attributes of their sound structures are obligatory.


Artist info

Label: Moonbootz Recordings
Array: AT
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