Gross Prophet

Gross Prophet first broke onto the scene in 2005, producing and performing mostly IDM. All of his releases, and most of his latest live sets are more breakcore and glitchy breaks focussed. A side-project called Errorhythm, a duo with another Brisbane soloist Blackrabbit, was formed not long after his solo project became public. His first release (affectionately titled The Six-Bucks EP) was made available for purchase mid 2008. He has released two more EPs since, both available as free downloads on His work consists mostly of breakcore and heavy, glitchy, breakbeat based music mixed with various other styles; but also strays into non-melodic, sound design heavy, texturally-based dance music; ambient and gabber. Live shows are just as often a mix of many of his styles as they are one style per set, but generally have a rhythmic dance focus.




Artist info

Label: Fwonk
Array: AU
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