I:gor from Poland produces hardcore, drum'n'bass, raggacore, idm, industrial breakcore and experimental electronics since 1994. I:gor also is the owner of Pandemonium Records and ADHD Recordings. His tracks have been released on many respected labels like Deathchant, Suburban Trash, Low Res, Hangars Liquides, Strike, Pacemaker, M-tronic, Mascha and many others. In 2009 he already released Galloping Neurosis/Paralish (Pacemaker), The Art Of Distortion (Strike Records), The Art Of Distortion + 5 Years Of STRIKEing (Strike Records), The Memento Mori EP (Sustained Records) and Untitled ( HYPERLINK "http://www.discogs.com/label/Nekrolog1k+Recordings"Nekrolog1k Recordings). Besides his activities as I:gor, he makes music as Muxa-A which is a solo project focussing on experimental electronica, hard drill n'bass and hard electro. Together with Splatter he is J'ai faux? They make experimental hard noise and breaks. A third side project is Kielce Terror Squad which is a speedcore and hardcore dj team with members Bula, Splatter and of course I:gor.


Artist info

Label: Pandemonium, Strike
Array: PL
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