King Midas Sound

King Midas Sound is the duo of Kevin Martin, known for his groundbreaking work over the last decade as The Bug, teamed with Roger Robinson, reputed writer and spoken word performer. The pair first worked together in 2003 on The Bug's Pressure album, but within these King Midas grooves, the visceral drive characteristic of The Bug's fevered sound is replaced by deeper core energies, and graced with Robinson's gentle soul lilt, the combination is blissfully, crushingly powerful. Roger Robinson emerged in the early nineties as one of spoken words most inventive performers bridging the gap between literary and popular culture scenes. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, who has taught English literature at colleges and schools across the country, he has become one of England`s most intelligent and gifted poets of diasporic consciousness. Kevin Martin`s career can also be traced back to the early nineties. He earned himself a solid reputation through his numerous projects and collaborarions such as God, Techno Animal and Ladybug. He`s been signed on prestigious labels like Rephlex, Ninja Tune, Soul Jazz and Hyperdub. A noisy experimentor, his music incorporates many elements as diverse as metal, hip hop, ambient, dancehall, grime and dubstep: all holding a similar hardcore intensity. Martin founded The Bug in 1997, from 2001 to 2004 he was working as Razor X Productions together with UK dub legend The Rootsman and in 2009 he released together with Robinson the second King Midas Sound maxi single Dub Heavy - Hearts & Ghosts on Hyberdub.


Artist info

Label: Hyperdub
Array: GB
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