The Incredible Hexadecibels

The Incredible Hexadecibels are Rewa Wright & Jonathan Bruce. A New Zealand based audiovisual duo, they have come together to experiment with new techniques in live performance. Rewa Wright [Master of Arts (Film, TV, Media Studies), Master of Literature (Art History)] is a video editor and digital film maker. Rewa is largely responsible for the video component of the Incredible Hexadecibels work. She is also a dedicated proponent of the Zombie noise vocal style and loves to murder rap. Jonathan Bruce [Dipl. Audio Engineering] is a foley / sound effects artist and an experienced live electronic musician who has performed internationally at festivals in America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. He recently won the title of New Zealand Laptop Battle Champion and cuts a fine figure in a death mask. The Incredible Hexadecibels have made a new work – 'Cyclone Fury'- especially for presentation at the Elevate festival.


Artist info

Label: God Rekidz
Array: NZ
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