The Striggles bust all expectations of rock, indie, and other compartmentalizations of the genre, going zestfully against the grain, taking the building blocks of rock and blues apart through the decades to gleefully rebuild them a new ' yet rock n' roll they stay: uninhibited, answering to no-one, autonomous! The music of The Striggles comes from the creative stream rather than a firmly established tradition of sound, yet few constants can still be made out: the longstanding experience of the musicians (Code Inconnu, Fetish69, Mizar, Babybandits Melville, etc.) and musical influences that testify to their obsessive engagement with such bands as Can, Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger and even John Lee Hooker. After their celebrated debut 'Expressionism,' two records under the name 'Aloha' followed directly – both released by Noise Appeal. A fireworks of elementary rock power!


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Label: Noise Appeal
Array: AT
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