woei works in a multi-media area between design, technology, and live visuals. It is above all the conjunction of these three vertices from a generative-interactive design to a new form that stands in the foreground of his practice. The 1983 digital artist, born Woeishi Lean in Innsbruck, Austria, gleans his experience from a 'multi media art' education and three intensive years at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, as well as from his longtime activities in club visuals. His live work with a range of artists is still now, like ever before, what adds flavour to his digital day-to-day. His lively activity in numerous projects, his appearances in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, and China, his occupation as workshop leader, and his teaching work at the Applied Art and Design University of Salzburg refutes not only the stereotypical picture of a computer nerd, but presents a unique version of a 'digital native.'

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Label: refect.net
Array: AT
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