Klaus Schönberger

Klaus Schönberger is lecturer for cultural and social theory on the Zurich College of Arts and is co-editor of the socio-scientific web-journal kommunikation@gesellschaft. He is especially interested in historical and current metamorphoses of social topics, the transformation of labor and all questions regarding everyday- and pop culture. After his studies in empirical cultural studies, recent history and recent German literature he worked, taught and researched as a cultural scientist, sociologist as well as a historian for the research institute for labor, technics and culture in Tübingen (FATK), for the institute for political science and for the Ludwig-Uhland-institute for empiric cultural science on the university in Tübingen. Furthermore he worked in the academy of Technology Assessment in Baden-Württemberg and as a visiting scientist in the research group „Neue Medien im Alltag“ at the TU Chemnitz.

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